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Olivia Yako

Welcome to the website of the talented Olivia Yako.

Olivia Yako is currently 22 years old and she comes from a very unique ethnicity. Her family comes from the northern part of Iraq. Olivia's ethnicity is Chaldean,Assyrian, where There happens to be a big population of the Chaldean Christian community in Detroit, Michigan and San Diego, California. In 2011, Olivia and her twin sister, Silvia, attended the "Movie Guide Awards" that involved soap opera actors and actresses in mid-February. It also involved big actors who played in the very popular movie Narnia. Both sisters felt well connected with the actors and actresses in the Christian community who attended the big event. In an interview, they both mentioned how much they were both inspired by the movie guide actors and a year later both sisters continued taking film study acting classes. Olivia and Silvia both grew up being natural comedians and wanted to pursue their acting in the marketing business. They wanted to show their raw talent to the acting industry. The sisters are willing to make their big debut in the acting business by working on a big film in the future. There is a lot of hope for the sisters as being known as the "award-winning actresses" in the next generation.

Olivia Yako's Background

Olivia Yako's Experience

acting for film and television workshop at mesa college acting company

July 2013 - December 2013 | san diego

Olivia Yako's Education

Activities: drawing,singing,writing

Olivia Yako's Interests & Activities

Marketing business

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